Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Jen Kingwell and her wonderful GLITTERS quilt
has made me pondering for quite some time...
Would I ?  Should I ?
and, most of all, COULD I ??
The pattern didn't look so easy,
and yet it was so much apppealing to me !

OK, let's have a try ...

I made one... hmmm not bad

then a second one...

then a third one,

Happy dance !
It's definitely part of my working projects.
(164 more blocks to go)
I just LOVE those jewel tones

The new slow project in view is
quilt, designed by Susan Smith

I've just got the pattern 2 days ago,
and have now started sorting out my fabrics

I'd like to give it a very soft and vintage feel,
Time will tell ...

Last but not least, I've been treated
with a very precious gift !
I've been part of a small quilting Bee
for more than 20 years now, and Simone
is the eldest member.
She's 81 now, and she told me everything
about quilting and handpiecing
She's very dear to me.
Unfortunately Simone is getting big eyesight issues,
and she's not able to handquilt anylonger.
So she decided to give me...

this gorgeous hexagons quilt top !
I was very moved with such a special treat,
and I promised her that I would handquilt it
this coming winter and that I would always treasure it.

THANK YOU my sweet Simone !

Saturday, 8 July 2017


We had a lovely time in Spain,
enjoying the people and the weather
(although with a nasty heat wave , by beg. June)...

However we're now very happy, being back home,
catching up with the kids & grand kids,
and taking back our good old routines...

You can't deny your roots,
and our little Belgian nest is just so comfy...

On the quilting front, I was able to complete
my Emma Mary quilt top  YAY !
which I'm simply naming : "Summertime"

Hereunder are some pictures.
These were not so easy to take, due to the weather :
although sunny, there was a constant breeze,
but you'll get an idea, hopefully
It's quite a huge quilt, finally,
measuring 95" by 95"
and, as you can see, I skipped the center medallion,
but added borders,
so it's really my own version...

I've also got another lovely (smaller) finish,
yet I'm keeping it for next post (soon)

THANKS for your visit,
Enjoy your sewing !

Friday, 27 January 2017


Hello, dear friends  😊

As promised, I'm back with some news...

I made a good progress on my "Emma Mary quilt",
with 36 new "Donuts" (as I'm calling them)

Also, some 6 new "Dutch Treat" blocks have been completed

Not too bad, I'd say...
I hope being able to keep doing so !

Some travelling is on the agenda. as well.
As you might know, since retirement, we use to
spend some months/year in Spain, particularly when
we need some light and sun, compared to our Belgian bad weather...

So we'll be heading to our sunny spot by next week,
coming back to Belgium to celebrate Easter with our kids...

I'll be taking my PC with me, so you'll get some
Spanish quilty news...

ENJOY whatever you create !

In stitches,

Friday, 6 January 2017


Beginning a new year is always a time of introspection,
a time of projects, of hopes and décisions...
Well I've been thinking, dreaming, pondering,
rumaging through my stash, including my Ufo's,
and decided to list some reasonable goals,
hoping I'll be perseverant,
and will achieve them heartfully...

This quilt, started in 2013, in loving memory of my mother,
who was of Dutch origin,
has been left aside long enough.
I've reached 62 blocks, up to now,
and I'm planning to make 2 blocks a week.

I'm planning to put "Les Sœurs" into the hoop,
and handquilt 3 threads a day.
Not much, but one stitch at a time, I'll get there.

A new handpiecing project (pattern by Judy Newman)
All pièces are traced and cut
(272 blocks in total + an applique center medallion)
I'm more than ready to start that beauty,
and I'm planning 5 blocks a day.

Another new,  handpiecing, scrappy project (pattern by Jen Kingwell),
yet I'm ONLY cutting some pièces for the moment,
stacking them into a nice tin box, for the future,
in case I've been a good girl and meet my goals  :))
But this will be a 2018 project.

(starting today, until end of February)

Our dear Lucy ( "Attic24 " Blog -clic-) had done it again,
with a gorgeous blanket, bringing you into the Yorkshire summer Moorland
atmosphere, with those heathers and heavenly colors.
Moreover, as usual, Lucy is guiding us step-by-step in her
weekly tutorials.  How could I resist ??

"La Route des Epices"
("Spices Road")
A very old Ufo (traditional embroidery),
that I really, really want to finish this year.
It makes me dream of those times,
when the ships sailed to far away countries,
and brought back such strange and tasty spices...
Spices are cooking's treasures,
and I'm planning to hang this in my kitchen.

I'm half-way through it.   I'm aiming one item a month.
(6 more to go)


Well, it looks like my basket is full of blessings, doesn't it ?
One stitch at a time, with love and perseverance ...

Last but not least, I've also promised myself to be a better blogger,
and to post on a more regular schedule.
I'm taking so much pleasure and inspiration in reading you all,
it would be nice from me to send you a smile,
and give you some news from my little corner...

Wish me luck !

In stitches,